Ryan Yanguochao – China

Oriental dance artist from China.
Organizer of Amar El Zamam festival of China
Founder and Headmaster of Ryan’s 5 Dance Schools in China(Guangzhou,Beijing,Wuxi,Yinchuan,Shenyang).

Ryan‘s dance
⁃ In the early years of dancing career,Ryan won many winners in and out of China,he started to focus on the art in oriental dance,based on the basic esthetic of oriental dance,he created and developing new style through the posturs and the explanation of elements .
⁃ Dancing is art of body posing,Posing is beauty about art,body posing also kind of expression,together with the basic elements or we say movements,they become body language completely.
⁃ And,beyond above,oriental dance also has its own body logic,how we organize the body working……normally we practise the techniques about the basic movements and steps,and put them together as a choreagraphy,that is not enough to be as an art form.
⁃ Ryan’s dance style , based on the basic arab oriental dance,and influenced by the culture and history of the deepest oriental country—-China ,actully,in the history from 2 and 3 BC,from the Silk Road there were lots of connection between China and middle east,cultures from middle east came to China,including music and dance,once upon the time,it has lots influences to Chinese music and dance,till now,some still can see some disappeared,but we can see them from writings and paintings,they are the fusion or new art form of dancing from Chinese and middle east cultures.and that kind of feeling we can see from Ryan‘s dance.
⁃ and in this year 2020,Ryan created new work to give different view about Dun Huang dance,but by oriental dance elements,and to show how the Grotoes murals dancing figure‘s movements may come from,it has raised big concern in different art fields.

Ryan have created the Project of“Amar el Zamam Elites”to find& promote the talented dancers in China.
⁃ Many of students in his school get the champions,and there are also many talented dancers,they need stage and opportunities to let people know them,so Ryan make this project to support the community.

he always invited
⁃ to join TV programs all around China,such like So You Think You Can Dance chinese version,Talents show Chinese version.Also he was reported in news papers、magazines and radios.
⁃ Outside of China,same thing happening,TV programs、news papers 、magazines interviewed him a lot,such like in Russia、Ukraine、Germany、Greece、Slovienia、Argentina、Colombia、Egypt……
⁃ He also invited to direct dancing for the famous actresses in TV series and movies.

Ryan has got certificate
⁃ for the contributions of culture and art from the government of Argentina,and also got gifts from the Salta govement during Ryan’s first dance festival in China.
⁃ He was collected in Modern Famous Artists and designed on post stamps and post cards for 70th Anniversary of China by China Post.

Ryan has gained highly praises
⁃ from the different arts field in China,first generation of dance art Jia Zuoguang、Chen Ailian,and the Peacock dance artist Yang Liping;famous calligraphy and painting artist Cong Wuwei、Zha Xi(living buddha of Tibet);Famous literature and director artist Han Songluo、Ma Boyong;singer songster Geng Lianfeng、Gu feng…
⁃ from different countries :raqia hassan(Egypt)、Lucy(Egypt)、Dina(Egypt)、Morocco Carolina Varga Dinicu(America)、Tamalyn Dallal(America)and many more……

He received good names
⁃ “China best dancer and performer since 1995”commended from Ahlan wa Sahlan Festival(Egypt)
⁃ through teaching、performing、judging around the world more than 30 countries and areas.

here have to say Thank You to the teachers and friends whom have helped and worked with Ryan