Acia Legras

Heiress of a solid artistic training in the musical and dance fields, Acia begins her artistic career very young touring with the Folkloric troup of Reunion Island leaded by her family. During a festival when she was 7 she discoverd Egyptian Folklores and instantly fell in love with since.

Acia Legras performing Lil Beiruit

Recognized for her refined, elegant touch, and cheerful attitude she is also known for her sensibility and musicality in her dance.
Her ability to bring out the uniqueness in the dancers makes her a special soul and a devoted instructor.

Discreet and hardworking, she won several international prizes such as EGYPTIAN  BELLYDANCE OF THE UNIVERSE 2014.
She also have a strong experience of group work as she toured many years in Europe, North Africa and USA with “BELLYDANCE EVOLUTION” leaded by Jillina and experienced group collaborations such as Art motion project with Nesma.

Acia Legras performing Shaabi

Appreciated for her pedagogy and her involvement in her courses, she is invited to teach internationally and locally to share her art and stage experiences.

Deeply attached to the arabic music, she also regularly participate to classes to enhance arabic musical background.

Acia Legras performing Pop Love

Artistic Director of ODA (Oriental Dance Art) based in Bordeaux, she shares generously her professional experiences and artistic knowledge to her students and support them in their training.

Acia Legras teaching a Workshop

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