Cinzia Purificato

Cinzia is an international bellydancer teacher and choreographer, based in Italy and appreciated all over the world for her power and charisma on the stage. Cinzia studied ballet, jazz and piano for 10 years and in 2004 she fell in love with oriental dance and folklore.Her style is refined and powerful, a mix of Arabic feeling and modernity. She teaches, judges and dances in many foreign countries, such as Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, United States and Egypt and she regularly performs for the most important festivals, where she also gives workshops. 

Cinzia, Master teacher in Spain

Cinzia is also one of the main teachers for the prestigious RAQS of COURSE in Egypt, organized by Randa Kamel and Mohamed Shahin. 

Cinzia and her Original Saidi

She has taught literature and foreign languages at the local high school of her town for years and this has given her the opportunity to refine her teaching method and her empathy towards students from all over the world. Cinzia has been the Italian champion twice, and she has been the winner of all the most important Italian competitions, winning also the IDO World Cup 2014 in the folklore section. Now she trains many famous Italian dancers, helping them with competitions and shows. Cinzia manages her Academy, the Badia Operà Academy through which she organizes numerous events for tv and theatre.

“Every piece of music has a soul. Rhythm, melody and words contribute to shape it’s inner message. We, as dancers, become witty translators of emotions… of life”

Cinzia is highly appreciated for her teaching method and her Egyptian style which yet incorporates some elements of modernity and the western ballet repertoire. 

Cinzia Workshop in Italy

Cinzia regularly offers online classes where she teaches technique, combos on rhythm and choreographies. One class each month is free!

“There is an extraordinary rainbow of feelings that you can express through your dance…. an ocean of emotions and vibrations. This is the great power in your hands, dancer! … Use it wisely!”

Cinzia has recently become Mom, And is now pregnant again…

“Motherhood has made my body stronger and my mind incredibly creative… I feel a world of new feelings to show and play with on the stage! It’s pure magic!❤️“

“ Dance is something different to each of us. To me it represents an alternative way of living my life. The most authentic, the most natural…. I don’t dance to demonstrate … I don’t dance just to dance … ….I dance to be… belong and ….. become! (…) It is as if I could visualize those feelings through each part of my body and each dancing figure, truly connecting with them … It has always been like this to me… it’s the way I dance, the way I teach….and I hope it will always be!❤️“

“Forget who you are, break all your emotional chains and let your soul speak! Dance like a queen but welcome your weaknesses as well since they are part of you! … Then, you will be able to feel your true self and dance truthfully”

Classes are in English and are recorded, so students can buy and watch them whenever they want. 

Each month students can check the schedule on her fb page and Instagram. 

Cinzia giving Useful Tips and Hints about Bellydance

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