Georgette is a multi-award winner Bellydancer from Caracas, Venezuela. She discovered Oriental Dance in 2010 and it has been her passion ever since. She was mentored by Master Teachers in Caracas such as Amani Deneb, Samara Khamal and Angie Perez.  She is based in Los Angeles, CA. performing at different venues and privates events in  Orange County, Riverside and LA County, delighting the audience with her grace and elegant style.

Among some of her accomplishments in dance, Georgette won
Rakstar International Bellydance Festival 3rd Runner up 2019. Miami Beach, Florida.
Hazar Fazar International Bellydance Festival 2019. Dallas, Texas.
The Bellydancer of the Universe Egyptian Category and Specialty Prop 2019. Los Angeles, California.
The Bellydancer of the Universe Champion of Champions 2018. Los Angeles, California.
The Bellydancer of the Universe 2017 Southern California Regionals. Los Angeles California.

Recently, Georgette starred as Dorothy in the Wonderful Wizard of OZ produce by Jillina Carlano – BDExperience in Atlanta, GA.

Georgette believes that studying dance is a life-long process, therefore she continues enhancing her knowledge of multiple styles of this art through classes and workshops with internationally renowned Belly dance artists such as Jillina Carlano (USA), Aubre Hill (USA), Fahtiem (USA), Virginia (USA), Yousry Sharif (Egypt), Mahaila El Helwa (Brasil), Tito Seif (Egypt), Aziza of Cairo (Egypt), Wael Mansour (Egypt), Moira Chappel (USA), Alla Kushnir (Ukraine), Meera Varma (USA), Anna Borisova (Russia), Oscar Flores (Argentina).

Georgette considers herself as a devoted student of this beautiful art and now she is bringing her fun and particular style to the communities, teaching belly dance to kids and women at
Arte Flamenco Dance Theatre, Inc. Alhambra, C.A
Quail Hill Community Center. Irvine, C.A
Private classes in Long Beach, C.A

Besides being a dancer, she got her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She is a make-up artist, she has modeled in nationwide TV commercials and she has danced in important music videos.

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