Isis Conde

With a career for more than 18 years she has performed more than 30 countries like Dubai, India, China, France, Greece, Latin America, etc… and participated in numerous tv shows in Argentina, Mexico and egyptian tv with multiples videoclips of egyptian singers.
She is making big tours around the world teaching and performing with her unique and power dance.

I was born in Mexico, my passion for dance travel me in more than 35 countries and currently living in Bahrain. 

I’m dancing since I was 4 years old experimenting in numerous styles from ballet, flamenco, latin dances but my heart belongs to bellydance

I left my home country at 17 years old studying in Amir Thaleb dance School in argentina and finished as a first dancer of the company.

The roots, the culture and the real knowledge of the original bellydance came to me through my numerous shows, events, weddings and performances in various hotels and clubs of the famous Cairo night life scene 

 One of the most famous acts worldwide is my duets with Leandro Ferreryra.

Traveling the world inspired us in creating unique performances connecting the past and the present such as Aladdin and Jasmine

 I owned two dance schools, Raksa and Danzáre helping people to know the culture of bellydance and professional s who wanted to take the bellydance in to the next level. 

   Noteworthy events I produced and co produced:
Raksa México, Raksa Argentina, Tapis Rouge Festival México, Tapis Rouge Argentina , Our World Argentina, Erase una vez México



Instagram: @isiscondeofficial 

Facebook: Isis Conde

YouTube: Isis Conde Bellydance Official