JASIRAH – Professional International Dancer, Teacher, Judge, and the Organizer of Raks Glam Festival in Poland.

For over 12 years she teaches regular classes of oriental dance in Poland and master classes around the whole world. In 2016 she played main role of Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland” during 3 month tour in China, in 2017 she played main role of Mermaid and Florist in “Sheherezade 1001 Night” Show during United States East Coast Tour.

Multiawarded winner of competitions included:

* 1st place – Champion of Champions 2016 – California USA
* 1st place – Bellydancer of the Universe fusion category – California 2016
* 1st runner up – Bellydancer of the Universe props category – California 2016
* 1st place – Etna Bellydance Festival 2014 in Sicily
* The winner of the People’s Choice Bellydance Evolution “Alice in Wonderland” European tour
* 2nd place during ISBF 2014 Netherlands
* 2nd place during Orient Express – Austria 2014
* 2nd place during ISBF 2013 Netherlands
* 1st place during EURO RAKS – Poland 2012
* 3rd place during Polish Championships 2010
* 1st place during Polish Championships 2010
* 2nd place during Polish Championships 2009
* 1st place during Polish Championships 2009
* Semifinalist of Poland Got Talent Show.

She has 10 years of experience in ballroom dancing, that gave her strong technical background and makes her performances full of energy. She uses ballroom dance education a lot in her choreographies creating fusions with tango, samba and other styles.

Learning from the best ballroom dance masters and legends of oriental dance makes her a mix of huge oriental dance and folklore knowledge with great background of classical technique and skills to explain every movement in details.  Well known of her outstanding drum solo technique, lively and feminine mejanse, double assaya and double veil poi skills. 

For more information about Jasirah:

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