Leandro Ferreyra

Teacher, choreographer, and Argentine international dancer. Leandro starts his dance formation at the age of thirteen in ballet and modern dance; then he decided it was time to learn other dances, so his next target were the Arab dances, at the hands of Amir Thaleb´s Arabian Dance School. This was the beginning of his studies at this school, and his active participation at the School, went on to become, part of the staff teachers.

From the age of 16, he has been studying and forming in typical and folkloric Indian dances, which led him to become one of the leading exponents of Bollywood dance in Argentina and all around Latin America; part of his formation also took place at IUNA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF ART; he also has a degree in choreographic composition and Julio Bocca´s School.

Since 2009, he´s part of the Arabian Dance Company as choreographer and dancer, participating in several shows and workshops in Argentina and abroad. He has become an icon of Bollywood in Latin America, and a choreographer and dancer benchmark.

In 2011, Leandro participated as staff teacher in the festival with the most global call for Arab dances, organized by Amir Thaleb, “EIDA.”

He is currently participating as jury of the most important contests that take place in different countries such as Argentina, Greece, the Netherlands, Colombia and Mexico; he also gives workshops and top shows all around the world, visiting several countries in Latin America and Europe, like Ecuador, Perú, Brazil, Chile, France Italy, Spain, and some others like Egypt, Turkey, Hong Kong, etc.

His show “Raksa” has been awarded as the best show in the 2012 Arabic dance; and he was also awarded as the best Arab dancer with screening and event in recent years. He also participated in different commercials, as an advertising model and parades for great designers.

Leandro is the Director of his own ballet, RAKSA, sponsor of two Buenos Aires´ art schools for children with low resources and been convened by UNICEF among other organizations. He is a high level performance organizer, judge of several dance competitions in Argentina, Colombia, Greece and Arabic; he is currently a great exponent of Arabic and Bollywood dance in Latin America and all around the world.