Sadia Camille

Sadia is a Lebanese-American dancer and master teacher living in Tokyo, Japan.  She is the Director of Dancing Phoenix Studio.   In addition to her beloved Arabic Dance, her background includes training in ballet, jazz, modern, tap and musical theater dance.  She is a highly skilled and creative choreographer and most recently, the author of “MOSAIC”, a musical play with the theme of Oneness.  Her professional career of more than thirty years includes such highlights as working closely with the esteemed Dr. Samy Farag on his musical projects, and organizing study tours to Lebanon with the famous dancer Amani.  Sadia has invited such great artists as Shareen el Safy, Artemis Mourat, Liza Laziza, Sadie, Gaby Shiba, Badia Star, Vaness Raqs II, Fahtiem, Ma’Shuqa, and Rogear Khoury (Lebanese singer) to teach workshops and perform in Tokyo.

Sadia has won many awards for her dance and choreography during her career including Miss America of the Belly Dance and Belly Dancer of the Year, Duet of the Year, and Best Teacher.  She has made videos in Hollywood with Dr. Samy Farag, performed and taught workshops in New York, California, Hawaii, Lebanon, Egypt, Czech Republic, and Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, Niigata, and Nagoya in Japan.  Sadia is well-known for her musicality and dynamic stage presence.  She has been given the nickname “The Queen of the Desert” by her adoring Arab fans.

In 2018 she was invited by Gaby Shiba to perform at the Damanhour Opera House in Alexandria, Egypt.  She was also invited to teach and perform at the Nile Group Festival in June 2018.  She was accompanied by her group of Japanese dancers who performed with her and Gaby at the Nile Group Festival.

Sadia began dancing in California, mostly in restaurants, at home parties and weddings.  From 1986 – 1993 she often appeared as a soloist with the Adam Basma Dance Ensemble in Los Angeles for large Arab events featuring famous singers from the Middle East.  Her teachers were many, including most notably, Shareen el Safy, Ibrahim Farrah, and Adam Basma.  In Tokyo she has performed over 5,000 restaurant shows.  This attests to her popularity and her ability to entertain all kinds of audiences.  Currently she performs at Shamaim Israeli Restaurant in Tokyo.  Her brand new online course “Belly Dance in 30 Days” will soon be available. 

Her style is Classic Oriental with more Lebanese flavor than Egyptian, although she performs many styles of Middle Eastern Dance, including Folklore Dance.  Sadia feels strongly about keeping the dance rooted in the culture and appropriately responsive the music.  Summing up her belief in as few words as possible,  “To be a great dancer you don’t need to be a great technician, but you must have the ability to translate the music into visual sound. You must also have great feeling and be willing to share that with your audience.  Dance is many things, but most of all it is Communication – heart to heart.  When you learn to forget yourself, then you can touch the audience.”