Saida Helou

Saida, daughter of Sirios, born in Buenos Aires – Argentina, Advertising Communication Analyst, degree awarded by the University of Palermo.  From 1983 to 1991 she studied classical dance with great teachers of this discipline such as: Olga Ferri, Enrique Lomi, Rina Valver and Ricardo Rivas.

From 1991 onwards she ventured into Arab dance, its folkloric and artistic manifestations, with the teacher Amir Thaleb (director of the Arabian Dance Company) making innumerable presentations.  For more than ten years she was the principal dancer of this prestigious company and partner of the maestro Amir Thaleb;  making innumerable presentations nationally and internationally.

Saida performing in Tucuman Bellydance Fest 5

In 1994 she founded her own belly dance school, with today more than 700 students who obtain complete training both professionally and in teaching.  Year after year, Saida represents the annual work of her students and company at the prestigious Opera Theater of Buenos Aires, inviting great national and international artists of the show in general, achieving a full house in each of these presentations.

In 2002 Saida created the Rakkasah Arab Dance Ballet, made up of students from her school who have been instructed and carefully selected.  The Rakkasah Ballet since its creation, has had highly talented dancers, today recognized worldwide.  The objective, in addition to accompanying Saida in her presentations, was always to highlight the artistic level of each of her members.  This prestigious group then became a hotbed of belly dance figures from Argentina.

Saida at the 2020 Dancing Diva International Bellydance Festival in China

In 2004, Miles Copeland (producer of Sting, The Police, R.E.M., among others) summoned Saida to join the renowned group Bellydance Superstars with whom he made an important tour throughout the United States during October and November of that year.  This company was known to be the most important internationally in its genre and its tours span the world.  Together with the protagonists Saida integrates the cover of the CD SuperSarts Vol. III, recommending, as part of the list of songs, “New Baladi” by maestro Mario Kirlis.

In 2005 and 2007, Saida and Mario Kirlis carry out unpublished work in the country, where they express their knowledge of music and dance with two instructional DVDs that reached a worldwide sale and even today, said material continues to be the first in sales in the world of music.  bellydance.  In October 2005, Saida is summoned again by Miles Copeland, to participate in the recording of the Bellydance Superstar Vol. II DVD and a new instructional DVD with the renowned dancers Jillina, Amar Gamal, Bozenka, Sonia and Rachel Brice in Monaco.

Saida performing Saida Baladi for Malake 2017

In 2008, the CID, the International Dance Council through UNESCO, awarded Saida the diploma of honor to the best dancer of Arab dances in Argentina.

From the beginning of her career as an international teacher (year 2000) until today Saida has taken her art and knowledge to different countries of the world (Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Republic  Dominican Republic, El Salvador, United States, Panama, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, England, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Greece, Belarus, Russia, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan,  Portugal, Malaysia, Monaco);  giving workshops on her style and offering her performances, being considered the greatest female exponent of the Argentine style of Bellydance so admired and followed on all continents.

Saida performing in Italy for Marhaba 2019

As of 2015, Saida has been part of the staff of teachers at the Cairo Khan Festival in Egypt along with the most recognized professionals of music and dance from the Arab world.

Recently, Saida has received the honorable title of Inspirational Woman of Argentina, awarded by CID UNESCO

Saida’s Workshop in Buenos Aires Teaching Oriental


Saida has a School called Escuela Saida based in Argentina. You can check out her classes by contacting her at

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Saida is going to be part of the Certamen International Festival, which is going to be held on December 19, 2020.

There will be a Competition with many categories, including the Profesional Category, which Sadia is going to be the Judge.

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